How to Play Sims Freeplay Review and Tips

If you are into socializing your avatar, for sure, you want something that is more engaging and at the same time and opportunity to build that kind of game town that you desired to have in a fantasy world. You can have furniture, be in a work place, houses and even relationships. Earning money is another thing that you will need in the game to make sure that you can sustain your avatar and its needs. To know more about the game, you will need to read about Sims game review and tips to ensure that you are properly playing the game right without losing anything that you have started.

More so, the game is involved with sex which is termed for in the game called as “woohoo” which doesn’t contain any graphic depictions that can stimulate the innocent minds of children who are playing this game. Fight in the game- you can as well have fighting motions with other players. The only downside of the game is that it contains a large file which might take you to download. This is why developers created a Sims free play to make the experience far different from playing the game on your laptop or computer.

The “freemium” application

This can be downloaded in your mobile app which means that if you will surely have to invest more money especially if you are hooked to the game. There are as well players who would spend real money just to upgrade certain things that are needed to be done in the match. The good thing about this game is that it provides a vast and a very expensive type of experience for most players without having to spend your real money. This is why you will need to at least know more about the Sims game review and tips to get your character acting and earn money.

How to earn money?

1. Paying it with real money- you can always have this option if you want to get what you want in playing the game.

2. Use french cheat tools – try les sims freeplay astuces method and add tons of money in to your game account.
3. Level up- there are certain missions and tasks that you can play and earn, so it is best that you always level up to make sure that you will earn money in the game.
4. Completing goals- just like any other game; you will need to complete more goals. By each goal that you complete, you will also earn rewards whether it is an LP, XP or money. This is a weekly basis or daily reward.
5. Increase the value of your town- you will be able to receive LPs if you happen to reach a certain type of values.
6. Baking and gardening- this is another goal to make you entertained with the game, having to bake and do gardening gives you opportunities to earn money in the game.
7. Finding treasure- this involves a pet which makes you earn money by letting it find you treasures, but most likely it will find LP’s.
8. Have it work- just like in real life, you will also need to have it earn money through work.

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